Seafood Processors

Cambridge, MD

Earn up to $16 per hour.

  1. Accommodation provided
  2. Duties of seafood processor: steam, clean and pick whole crabs; weigh, sort, ice, debone, pack, cook, seafood preparation for wholesale/retail sale.
  3. General plant labor such as clean and prepare work areas, load/unload, dump, clean, move, dock work, grade, freeze, prepare, seal, lift/carry up to 50lbs; and any other activities related to seafood processing/crab picking.
  4. Must have the good work ethic, follow directions and perform manual labor. Workers will assist with unloading raw product (crabs) from boats or trucks and place in processing area or onto tables to be processed. Workers will also assist with loading finished product into refrigerators or freezers for storage.
  5. Workers will assist with loading finished product onto trucks for shipment. 35hpw; 2am-8pm Mon - Fri; 2 shifts 2am-12pm and 10am-8pm; work extended daily hours pending product availability.
  6. Work is supervised.
  7. No education/experience required.
  8. Must be in good health, no infections or diseases and not allergic to handling seafood.

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